Essay about Assisted Suicide And The Terminally Ill

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The subject of medical care has been a very controversial subject since the beginning of time, physician assisted suicide is no exception. Although not as temperamental as in previous decades, this subject tends to be mentioned in many heated professional and family of the terminally ill’s family arguments. This topic is so controversial because many people that are against assisted suicide religiously fuel their arguments, saying that no one should interfere with Gods decision as to when a person should die. Physicians and family members that are in favor of assisted suicide say that it is a compassionate way to allow people who are in pain and close to death, a proper alternative to their suffrage and alleviates health care debt. This paper will support that assisted suicide for the terminally ill is not only a dignified and humane way to die but, is also beneficial to overall health care expenses. Suicide, whether it be ethically correct or not, has been the backbone of most physician assisted suicide open forum discussions. Suicide comes in all different forms of complexity, the most prevalent include rational and non-rational. Rational suicide is different than regular suicide. Regular suicide (non-rational suicide) may be rationally intelligible, but it is not a rationally competent decision base, and the individual most likely is not cognitively intact. The individual is reacting to numerous personal, emotional, and medical factors. (Tomasini, 104)…

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