Assess the View That the Nuclear Family Functions to Benefit All It Members and Society of a Whole

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Assess the view that the nuclear family functions to benefit all its members and society as a whole.
A nuclear family is universal and is defined as a two generational grouping; consisting of a father, mother and their children, all living in the same household. The idea of the nuclear family was first noticed in Western Europe in 17th century. The concept that narrowly defines a nuclear family is essential to the stability in modern society and has been promoted by modern social conservatives in the United States and has been challenged inadequate to describe the complexity of actual family relations. In this essay, I shall be assessing the views that the nuclear family functions to benefit all its members and society as a whole, from a
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Instead, Marxists believe that society is based on conflict between the working class and the ruling class and that the nuclear family serves the capitalist system with its primary function; to provide workers for the future. They also believe that its functions of reproduction and socialisation produce both a new labour force and an acceptance of Capitalism which they believe is wrong and that the road to happiness does not lie with consumerism and material gain. Furthermore, Marxists believe that the family also helps to maintain the class structure by continuing the ascribed status and gulf between the classes since the rich have access to better education and job opportunities. Marxists believe that part of the socialisation function of the family is to reinforce the notion that it is fair that the classes are unequal as this belief is essential to the smooth working of the capitalist system.
From a Marxist perspective, it can be argued that the nuclear family does not function to benefit all its members and that society as a whole doesn’t benefit either. Rather from this perspective the Capitalist economy and the ruling classes are seen as the main beneficiaries with men of whatever class, benefiting better than women.
Whilst Marxists see the nuclear family as a prop to capitalism and patriarchy, feminists look at the gender aspect of oppression and argue that the nuclear family preserves patriarchal ideology with a domestic

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