Asm 34 Administer Medication to Individuals, and Monitor the Effects

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ASM 34 Administer medication to individuals, and monitor the effects

There are several legislations relevant to the administration of medication in the care home. Although not expected that care staffs have detailed knowledge of the legislations, they do need to be aware of the legal difference between drugs and the legal framework that allows them to handle medicines on behalf of the service user. The Medicines Act 1968 being the umbrella and from this several amendments and legislations have been implemented. The following is a list of legislation that has a direct impact upon the handling of medication within a social care setting.

• The Medicines Act 1968
• The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971
• The Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody)
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JM, who regularly attends outside activities that coincide with her medication times does not get deprived of these activities. The MAR sheet is marked as she is domestic leave, the medication is cut from the MDS (so still encased in blister) and is sealed in plastic packet with her name, description of drug, strength and time of dose. This way we are preventing a drug error of double dispensing and JM can still attend her activity with out detriment to her over all physical health. The medication is kept by a staff member and at the correct time given to JM to be taken and observed doing so by staff.
Prior to any staff being able to administer medication to clients, they should familiarise themselves with what medication each service user is taking on a regular basis and why each medicine has been prescribed and the condition for which they are being treated.
All of the staff at Wings receives Boots and in-house training before being allowed to administer medication without supervision.
Although all the medication administered at Wings is oral, not all medication is. Therefore, any topical/ invasive routes of administration or for those service users who have difficulty in swallowing, medicines should be given in private. JM has to have dressings changed on her wounds and this is always done in the privacy of her room in a dignified manner.
Repeat prescriptions are ordered on a regular basis to ensure continuous supply. These are sent to the

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