Asian Societies And European Trade Essay

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Although Asian societies had the intention of keeping all European contact to a minimum during the first wave of European exploration, Europe managed to establish and maintain at least a limited amount of interaction through commerce and the spread of religious beliefs; however, Europe experienced more success in maintaining contact through trade than through missionary activity.
Asian attempts to limit European contact through trade proved to be largely unsuccessful, as laws in several Asian societies were not strict enough to totally eliminate their commerce with Europe. Although Asian authorities and rulers attempted to limit European interaction within their societies, lesser classes maintained enough trade with Europe to overrule these restrictions. Japanese lords, for example, were eager to purchase superior weaponry from Portugal; however, these exchanges took place prior to Japan’s implementation of stricter laws against European contact (Document 2). Since more rigid regulations were not yet in effect, it was fairly easy for European trade with Japan to survive during this time. European trade with India was another example of discouraged bartering that existed in an Asian society. Although rules against this interaction were strict in India, they were still relaxed enough to allow for illegal smuggling because the officers who searched for European goods coming into the country were easily bribed into allowing these products to pass through (Document 4). The fact…

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