As I Lay Dying By William Faulkner Essay

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As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner is the story of the Bundren family. The reader follows the quest of the Bundren’s before and after the death of the matriarch, Addie. Stream of Consciousness is used to relate from each Addie’s husband, their children, and several neighbors point-of-view. Through the consciousness of each of the characters the story of their “epic” journey to bury Addie in Jefferson and the events that ensue. The telling of the story each character’s true motives for traveling to Jefferson are revealed and they are not purely for their mother. This is why Faulkner chose to write this story in the such a difficult point of view. The reader cannot gain a full understanding of the conflict and the characters without having each of their points of view and knowing their innermost thoughts. “Stream of consciousness is a narrative form in which the author writes in a way that mimics or parallels a character’s internal thoughts. …often the style incorporates the natural chaos of thoughts and feelings that occur in any of our minds at any given time. Just as happens in real life, stream-of-consciousness narratives often lack associative leaps and are characterized by an absence of regular punctuation (Stream of Consciousness).” Stream of consciousness is difficult to write as human thought as it does not always take the form of language as the mind works with concepts, not words. Faulkner wrote from fifteen points of views, each in a stream of consciousness.…

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