Article Analysis : The Fool A Fool Essay

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This semester has taught me that even though writing is difficult for some but writers are not alone they always have peers that can help improve their writing. My writing overall has grown however it still can be improved on since the writing lacks the polished flow and yet writing I can catch some of my mistakes but while editing I can catch more. The reason for this writers can catch the flaws of others but not their flaws this reason was not discussed in depth it was highlighted but this is the core to writing. While the writing has grown the area that needs improving on is sentence construction since that is where my writing falters. The topics taught that stood out the most were two in the first essay calling the fool a fool or being direct and getting rid of obvious padding and the one that was part of the class but was not discussed why it is important is peer-editing. These are the most important subjects addressed. I found being direct or calling the fool a fool important because everyone wants a honest opinion and not little white lies. In writing there is no choice than being direct because all the words on the page have meaning that illustrates the points being made. Being direct is helpful since it applies to real world applications such as being an employer they need to be direct with their employees to changes being made in the workplace like a remodeling. Being direct writers show the details of people, places, and objects. Writers show the details by using…

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