Article 37 - The Online Slots Screen Essay

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Article 37 – The online slots screen explained

Online slots are as popular as they have ever been. Millions play such games daily; all in the hope of securing a big win. While the big wins often prove to be few and far between, there is no denying the fun that online slot games provide. Often featuring the very latest in online casino technology, slot games have transferred to the online domain in fairly flawless fashion. Before you sit down and wind-up the reels, take a second or two to educate yourself through an online casino portal. Learn the difference between the types of slots and more importantly learn to read the screen in front of you. The following looks at what exactly an online casino slot game is made up of.


A popular mode among those who want the automated slots experience and a feature on every modern day slot game release. When this mode is selected the reels will spin automatically, putting the game in charge of any in-game moves made. AutoSpin modes can run for 100, 75, 50, or 25 spins, with some games even offering an unlimited mode as well. The game will play and automatically register all wins and losses, but there is a “stop” button failsafe should a player no longer wish to spin without manual control.


A rare slots game option and one that features in a special category all of its own. When you select MegaSpin you can select a certain number of games to play and play them simultaneously. Depending on the casino you can play up…

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