Art And Architecture Throughout History Essay

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Group Members:
Amirali Aghnami
Zhobin Sadeghi
Kevin Rush
Wei Qiu
Sarah Smurthwaite
Art History 1
Professor Meyer
24 October 2014

Peace and Security

Art and architecture throughout history has kept alive and allowed expansion of ideas, reality, and emotion. It not only sustained and expanded cultures, but is allowed people to have the freedom to express and honor heroes, religious figures, and the values that societies embraced which were courage, dignity, peace, and security. In art throughout the ages, it is clear that while societies were embracing social and political values they also stressed the importance of peace and security values. We have examined periods dating from Paleolithic to the Late Antiquity times, and we have gathered works of art that symbolize these motif and we concluded that they were common in human history. When peace and security comes to mind the most important thing is ones home. Without having the sense of peace and security in ones home one cannot truly feel safe. The settlers of Neolithic Jericho were among the first to establish a tower defense system. The tower sitting at 30 feet high and 33 feet in diameter face the settlers a strong sense of peace and security against possible intruders. This wall made it so the people were able to see danger coming from a distance away, enabling them to better prepare for any oncoming danger. The wall of Jericho became the blueprint for many future civilizations to use to sustain peace and security.…

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