Arsenic And Old Lace Character Analysis

On Saturday, I went and saw the play Arsenic and Old Lace at the Artisan Theatre in Bedford. A brief synopsis of the play is about a house that is owned by Abby and Martha Brewster with four others who reside in that house. One is Mortimer, Abby and Martha Brewster nephew, who is also in love with the reverend’s daughter, Elaine. Mortimer then decides to ask Elaine to marry him with which she responds yes to. Then after getting engaged, she goes and tells her father, the reverend. Elaine is now out of the scene, and as Mortimer was about to tell both of his aunts that he intends to marry Elaine, he finds a dead body in the window seat of the house. He originally thought his brother, Teddy, killed the person whose body he had found in the window seat, and immediately alerts his aunts of his discovery.

When he told his aunts they said that they were the ones who killed that man not Teddy, and they did it with their homemade
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Knowing that his aunts had killed just as many people as him lead to him deciding to kill Mortimer, that way he would have 1 more kill than his aunts. Once he got his brother all tied up and was about to torture then kill him, a cop suddenly came into the house. Although Mortimer was all tied up and clearly in danger, the cop was so stupid that Jonathan was able to get out of trouble. He told the cop that Mortimer was just showing him what had happened to this one dude in the play Mortimer had watched earlier that …show more content…
But during the entire time the cop was speaking Mortimer remained tied up, and it wasn’t till some other cops got there that Mortimer was untied. Then those cops also arrested Jonathan, but Dr. Einstein got away, and the lieutenant was called

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