Arranged Vs. Love Marriage Essay

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Arranged Versus Love Marriage
My friend Maria was a brilliant first year college student who had a GPA of 3.80 before she got married. She had a plan to have at least her master’s degree and if possible, get her PhD degree before she got married. However, Maria could not reach her dreams because of her parent`s old tradition of an arranged marriage. In her case, she ended up being a housewife with three children and a very abusive and manipulative husband. Maria`s husband, Samson, was fifteen years older than her. “Is that what you want for our daughter? Do you not want to see her being an independent and well educated women?” This was my aunt`s reply to her husband, Ghirmay, when he insisted to make arrangements to get a husband for my oldest cousin three years ago. Maria is from Eritrea, and she has been a close friend of my family for a couple years. Maria had been my aunt`s client before they became friends. Semhar, my aunt, was a marriage counsellor and women`s representative; therefore, that is when Maria would come to Semhar for the sake of professional advice whenever Maria and her husband had any disagreement. Obviously, that terrible story of poor Maria made me become an advocate of love marriages. Although an arranged marriage creates a better relationship between the couples and their father and mother-in-law than love marriages, I believe that love marriage is preferable for two reasons: love marriage often occurs when the girl is mature and has at least…

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