Essay on Arranged Marriage Should Be Legal

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Hearing the term "arranged marriage" in the west can incite a plethora of responses. Some believe an arranged marriage is a set up for failure since you cannot choose your spouse and are forced to marry the person your parents choose for you. Others believe that loveless marriages are unethical. However, it seems that a vast majority of people believe that an arranged marriage is synonymous with forced marriage. It is because of this that the practice is seen as a savage. Asia is one of the places the pratice is still popular. It is common for parents to arrange for their child to marry someone; of course the permission of the one getting married is needed as well. Families are often no different when parents are married in a love marriage or an arranged one. One could argue that arranged marriages are better than love marriages because there is a multitude of factors that are looked at before the people are married. It is important to think more about the topic of arranged marriages before making assumptions. Overall, arranged marriages are not as terrible as some make them out to be. Origins of Arranged Marriages
Where exactly arranged marriages begun its yet unclear. It is known, however, that arranged marriages were prevalent around the world until the 18th century. Some believe that only the east practiced arranged marriages, however, that is untrue. The practice was also used in Europe as during the 1500s. Parents were often the ones that chose their children 's…

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