Aristotle 's View On Free Will Essay

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Medea, a Greek tragedy written by Euripides, is a tragedy about love and betrayal. Her husband Jason betrayed her. The only way to get back at her husband is to kill her own children. There are two philosophers in particular that can relate to Medea and the actions that she has chosen. One of these philosophers being Aristotle and the other philosopher being Augustine. Both of these philosophers share similar views on free will that would blame Medea for her actions. Aristotle’s view on free will is based on voluntary and involuntary actions. He believes that only voluntary actions deserved to be praised or to be blamed (Aristotle, PP). In Medea’s case, she is to be blamed for her actions. Aristotle would argue that since Medea knew voluntarily what she was doing, she would be responsible for her actions. Medea found out that her husband left her for another woman, and was not happy about it. Since her husband did her wrong, she is going to do him wrong by killing her own children. She is doing this out of spite and hatred of her ex-husband. Knowing this is wrong, Medea comes up with a plan to kill her own children for the wrong doings of her husband. In this case, Aristotle would argue that since Medea is doing this on her own “free will” and therefore this is a voluntary action because she knows what the outcome of her plan is going to be. Aristotle could also refute this argument by saying that since Medea was shot with an arrow that made her fall in love with her…

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