Essay about Aristotle 's Life And Life

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Aristotle was born in 384 B.C. in a tiny Greek town called Stagirus, which is now called Stagria. His father, Nicomachus, served as the personal physician to Amyntas II; who was the king of Macedonia in the kingdom’s capital of Pella (Cook). Aristotle lost his mother and father when he was still a young boy and he then went to live with other family in the town of Atarneus. When Aristotle grew into his late teen years he decided to move to Athens, Greece in order to study mathematics, sciences, and philosophy. He enrolled in the prestigious Academy, in which Plato was the founder; he then remained there for twenty years until Plato’s passing. After the death of Plato, Aristotle decided to relocate back to Atarneus with some of his other fellow scholars. The town of Atarneus was run by an Academy alum name Hermias, who had a niece named Pythias, whom Aristotle later married (Boucquey). In the year 343 B.C., Aristotle was approached by Phillip of Macedonia who was seeking Aristotle to come to Pella and tutor his son. The young boy, who was the future Alexander the Great, was tutored by Aristotle for three years until he took a more active role in Macedonia; he also became one of the most important figures in military history. Aristotle decided to establish his own institute of higher learning in Athens in 335 B.C., which he named the Lyceum (Cook). He taught and wrote at the school, most of surviving works were more than likely his notes from lectures or textbooks that had…

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