Aristotle 's Influence On Human Knowledge Essay

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Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, who not only made great advancements and contributions to human knowledge, but also greatly influenced human thought. Taught by the Great Philosopher Plato himself, Aristotle philosophical thinking would go on to become one of the most influential thinkers in human history, even thought of as the vassal through which medieval Christian and Islamic thinkers latched their thinking from, and is considered to be one of the foundations in Western thinking.

Aristotle was born on 384 B.C., in the ancient Greek city of Stagira. He was born to a family of physicians, from who he got his interest in the human form. However, his parents died while he was young, and would be sent to Athens thereafter, where he enrolled in Plato 's academy, and became Plato 's most gifted student. Though he was Plato 's most esteemed student, he would out-rightly disagree with many aspects of Plato 's thinking, even disagreeing with one of Plato 's theory of forms, which he is famous for. Aristotle would then teach at Plato 's academy, and would remain a teacher at the academy till Plato 's death, and would surprisingly not inherit Plato 's academy, which led him to leave the academy, and join the court of the king of Assos, where he would marry his first wife, the kings niece, and would father a daughter. (History)

Later he would be called to Macedonia by King Phillip II, to tutor his son, the famous Alexander the Great. After Alexander succeeded his father 's…

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