Aristotle Discusses The Topic Of Happiness Essay

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Aristotle discusses the topic of happiness in Nicomachean Ethics books I and II. Here in these books Aristotle 's principle of happiness is discussed, it is an activity of the soul. By this he means happiness in of itself is a complex state of well being, things such as goods of the soul and external goods are part of it along with various parts. External goods are materialistic things which help with achieving happiness, but cannot give full happiness, while goods of the soul are the greatest of the great. Their soul works in accordance to their behavior or any form of goodness in their lives that drives them to achieve happiness. Happiness isn 't a state that one can fall in and out of, happiness is carried out to the fullest with the right actions for the right reasons for an entire lifetime. There is a mean in everything we do and is a key roll in true happiness. Mean is explained to a balance between the extremes of goods and the deficient evil alternatives. This will lead to moral virtue, which is behave correctly while have a mean, a balance between feeling and the actions we do to carry out those feelings. With these components to achieve happiness I will give two examples of successes and failures I experienced while living with this principle for two full days.

This may come off to be a small success to others, but I find this a big one for myself. I am a shy human being and that won 't get you far in this world. I often have a hard time voicing my…

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