Essay about Arguments And Supporting Evidence For Argumentative Research

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Arguments and Supporting Evidence for Argumentative Research Paper


Argument 1
Supporting Evidence
Type of Evidence
Satire through the book helps proof that Huckleberry Finn should be in the Curriculum.
“The overall effect is that the satire in the Wilks episode becomes more unified, but less extreme in tone” (Arac, page 152)

In Twain 's writing he used the irony or satire to show the level of outrage that may occur to show some changes that may cause future issues (Arca, page 30).

That Twain was not fully aware that he had racist views through his book because he his time in was just the modern thing to do during his life. When he used satire during his book it was to help move the characters to freedom about at will because it moves the book to the targets and themes of the book (Leonard, page 155). This is a Quotation note.

This is a Summary note.

This is a summary note.

Argument 2
The lessons that the class will learn while reading Huckleberry Finn will be good in a school curriculum.

When Ron Briley taught his class the Huckleberry Finn, written in 1884 by Mark Twain they learned the historical content that Twain uses to help set the setting and era of the book ( Doyno ).

While Twain’s goal of writing the book was to show how slavery was an ugliness of evilness so Twain used racist language that was used in Twain’s life, which makes some readers think he was racist, but the “N” word was used differently in his life (Hutchison).

This is a…

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