Argumentative Essay On Racial Slurs

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Drunk people are not the only ones who slur. Hate crimes are typically acts of violence motivated by racial, sexual, and other prejudice. Stereotypical classification is also a main contributor to the acts of aggression known as hate crimes. Racial slurs are acts of vicious slander that purposely single out someone’s differences to make them feel inadequate. There are several degrees of hate crimes that range anywhere from a distasteful comment, to a premeditated murder. Racial slurring is fuel to the fire of acts of violence. Previous researchers (Parks and Jones) have shown a relationship only, between the use of racial slurs and violence. This paper shows the extent of the racial slanders effect on society’s crime rate. Racial slurs and stereotypical classification are a catalyst to hate crimes. …show more content…
They make people feel inadequate, especially minorities. It makes them seem less as people. Many would agree that using ignorant terms or derogatory expressions tend to offended people. People who are irritated and offended by these antics are more likely to be motivated to react in a form of aggression. Although these actions are distasteful, they still occur every day, we know of them as “hate crimes”. Terms such the “N-word” is a prime example of a racial slur and is used as an insult to put down a person of color (black). Researchers have analyze the realization that, “many whites harbor implicit anti-black biases, and such biases predict racial hostility and the use of racial epithets” (Parks and Jones 1306). Although it is being speculated that racial terms such as “Nigger” are no longer being implicated as racial offenses; however, instead are being used as everyday vocabulary (Parks and Jones 1306). No matter the speculation the only conclusion that is evident from the use of racial slurs is

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