Are Your Employees Free Agents? Essay

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Are Your Employees Free-Agents
My 89-year-old mother lives in an independent living facility that has several businesses connected to them. They have a bank, a maid service, and even a beauty parlor as my mom calls it. During a recent visit, my mom was telling me about how her hair dresser was let go, because she was in such high demand that the other hair dressers were losing business to her. The owner of the salon, in order to keep the peace, opted to terminate her employment. This situation was unique because the salon had a captive audience with essentially no competition since most of the residents do not drive and their only option was to use the on-site salon. This story brings up an interesting business lesson I 'd like to share.
When an employee at your local grocery store leaves or is fired, the store simply hires a new employee, because their customer 's allegiance is to the store and not the employee. From the perspective of the grocery owner, the customer is more important to the business than the employee. However, in some industries, the opposite is true and the employee is more important to the business than the customer. For example, in traditional salons, the customer is loyal to the hairdresser, and if the hairdresser leaves, the customer often follows. Therefore, the culture of these types of businesses needs to recognize the free-agent nature of the employer/employee relationship and focus on making sure that the employees are happy.
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