Are We Hard Wired For War? Essay

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Will humans wage war as long as we exist? Since the beginning of time, humans have engaged in war, spilling blood of millions. As humans become more modern, will we still carry the habit of warfare? Is war in our blood? These questions can be answered if we look into our past. Warfare shows many of our advancements and instincts, such as human evolution, territorial and population issues, and reasons why humans must fight.
Is it part of human evolution to create wars? Our ancestors, chimpanzees, are known to engage in conflicts, very similar to humans. In “Are We Hard-Wired for War?” David Barash states, “While it is plausible that Homo sapiens owed much of its rapid brain evolution to natural selection’s favoring individuals that were smart enough to defeat their human rivals in violent competition.” Survival of the fittest is an important part of a species, helping them become stronger and smarter every generation, however, according to Barash, other similar species to humans like baboons rather make peace, leaving no room for natural selection. Natural selection helps species adapt to their world for survival. For example, if the earth became very cold over many years, the humans who grew the most hair would most likely survive to reproduce. Therefore, they would produce future generations of kids who grow more hair for survival. However, many species lack the natural selection of evolution and would go extinct. David Barash also added, “It is also plausible that we…

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