Are We Conditioned? Essays

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All humans are conditioned creatures. We are conditioned to do many different things in life, some in very specific ways. One example, an obvious one, is behavioral conditioning. In an organized society, we are conditioned by outside factors (e.g. parents, government, friends) to act in a certain way. There is a limit to what we can do, where we can do it, and how we can do it. For instance, most of us are conditioned to pay taxes, obey laws, and lead as healthy and productive lives as possible. However, some of us, although we have been conditioned to do these things over and over from birth, do not obey our conditioning. An example of this is people that have the means to pay for something, yet choose to steal it instead. They know they …show more content…
Some humans are here to be conditioned. They will never be the ones to condition others. They will not have kids to condition, and they will also never be put in a situation where they will be doing the conditioning. When they are in a classroom, they are there to be conditioned, because they are not in charge. When in a class, the teacher is the one in charge. Why do they let someone control them? They do this for a reward. In kindergarten, they might get candy, or some other kind of reward. In later schooling, it is their grades that will suffer if they don 't follow instructions. This is a form of conditioning someone from the very beginning of his or her social life.

All humans are here to be good, and some are influenced by their parents. From the moment one is on this earth he is conditioned and influenced mostly by his parents. They are always there to teach him right from wrong. Different parents condition their children differently. Some parents expose their kids to everything and let them see everything for themselves so that they can make their own decisions about the things they see. Other parents don 't let their children see anything that they deem inappropriate. They are therefore influenced greatly by their parents.

All humans are here to have a good socio-economic life. Most people are here so that they can better their economic situation. Most are not here for their "thirst for knowledge". This is why they take specific courses

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