Isolation In Frankenstein

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The story Frankenstein is about a man named Victor Frankenstein and a monster that Victor created. Victor is a man that is upssed with science and one day took on the project of making a creature. This took Victor a long time but, he did eventually make the creature. The creature is the monster and started life in Victor's apartment which is where he was created. The monster leaves the apartment and explores the world while Victor tries to find the monster and end him.The monster forms an archetypal horror character because of isolation from society, human actions toward the monster, and Victor Frankenstein.

While the monster is exploring the world, he keeps himself Isolated from others. The monster came upon a hut that he later stays
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The monster had asked Victor to make another monster that is female so that way the monster would have someone else to hangout with and talk too. Victor promised that he would to the monster but, Victor told the monster “I do break my promise; never will I create another like yourself” (Shelly 205).The monster got really mad at Victor since he was his only shot at getting another creature which lead to some tension between the two. The monster and Victor are together and the monster started to tell Victor about his life after Victor had made him. The monster tells Victor how a boy told him “ ugly wretch! You wish to eat me and tear me to pieces. You are an ogre ”(Shelley 170 ). This shows that the monster ws seen to be ugly to humans and as a monster that is there to cause harm to them. Victor made many of the monsters problems since Victor had made him and created him with those problems.

The monster developed a archetypal horror character throughout the story. The monster dealt with isolation from other people that did not accept him. He also dealt with the actions that humans took toward him like throwing things at him. The monster also dealt with things that he could not change like which was because of his creator Victor. The monster was a polite and wanted to interact with people in the beginning of the story. As the story progressed however, he begun to create a horror

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