Essay about Applying Theories Of An Individual

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Applying theories to Cupcake
The aim of theories is to explain human behavior, rather than justifying or excusing the behavior of an individual. Through theories an explanation as to why individuals engage in criminal acts is being presented through various theories, that each give their own insight as to where crime takes place, or how criminals are being shaped. Applying theories to an individual is what this paper will do, specifically in regards to Cupcake Brown. Cupcake Brown recounts her life in her book A Piece of Cake, and it is through those instances that theories will be applied in order to explain the behavior that ensued. The theories that will be applied to Cupcake’s behavior first will be strain theory, next subculture theories specifically differential opportunity theory, followed by control theory and lastly focus on ecological theories, with specific regards to concentric circle theory. Robert Agnews strain theory focuses on how emotional angst results in strain that subsequently leads to deviant behavior. For Agnew deviance is a result of three particular types of strains. The first comes when there is a loss of a positive stimuli. This takes place when Cupcakes mom passes away, she no longer has a loving, caring responsible guardian. It is the loss of her mother or the positive stimuli that places an emotional strain on the young eleven year old child. She lost the stimuli that was of a positive asset to her life and sought to replace. When Cupcake…

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