Essay on Apple Inc. : Political Factors

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4.1: Political Factors
Consideration about political factor is very significant for Apple Inc. as it has established several companies all around the world. Apple is American company that has accrued a big amount of cash and had $34.7 billion bank amount in June 39, 2015. This generates high amount of tax for the America but the main political issue is income inequity.
Apple is mainly dependent on China for manufacturing but the social and political system of China could raise the manufacturing cost. It can limit the Chinese import in the America. This could lead the price increment of Apple products. It is reported that from 2007 to 2009, the more than half of the sales of Apple products come from other countries apart from America. So, Apple has established their manufacturing companies in different countries such as Ireland, Korea, Cork, Czech Republic and China. However, the bad international relationship, terrorism, public health issues and wars between these countries and U.S. might give a harmful effect that may affect the reputation of Apple Inc. and their business development (Makos, 2015).
4.2: Economic Factors
The main economically noticeable factors are inflation, currency and recession. USA is a world’s biggest national economy, representing 17% global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (International Monetary Funds, n.d.). The dollar of U.S. is the currency mostly used for international transactions (The Implementation of monetary policy, n.d.). U.S. is a mixed…

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