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Apostolic Field Visit
REL 100 University of Indianapolis

This paper is a discussion of a non-religious persons encounter during a site visit to an Apostolic Church, which takes a very literal interpretation to the Christian Bible. Many topics are discussed within this paper such as materials present in the church, the ritualistic practices, socioeconomic status of members present, and the subjective reaction to the service.

Apostolic Field Visit
Introduction: The name of this church was Apostolic Christian Church. I selected this church because a friend of mine went to this church during his youth. I was completely unaware of doctrine or specific beliefs
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He related the story to how people overreact or under react to nearly every situation. He conveyed the message we should take things at face value and not dwell on earthly things too much. The beginning of the sermon was retelling the story of Cain and Abel. The speaker was claiming the reason Cain killed Abel was because he felt unaccepted from God and feared rejection from his people and God. The sermon then progressed to include the reason people smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, or engage in premarital sex is because we humans want to be accepted.
Legal/Ethical: The church abides by the 10 commandments. Whereas some churches the commandments are merely guidelines, here these are the foundations of the church. The commandment to have no false idols was taken very literal in the building. No pictures, a piano, or ornaments of any kind were found in the church. According to A. , there are unwritten rules regarding appearance among members (personal communication January 26, 2014). These unwritten rules were present such as: the men wore no facial hair, women all had long hair pulled tightly into buns, and heritage/tradition was emphasized throughout the service. Jesus’s death and resurrection was a focus of the closing speech. They believe without this we cannot be saved. Baptism was spoken of at the end of the service. This is also a pivotal requirement to enter Heaven.
Doctrinal/Philosophical: Sunday school is offered multiple times throughout

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