Essay about Apartheid : A Poison That Bred Moral Decay

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Apartheid was the codification of laws and regulations to keep Africans in an inferior position to the white Afrikaners in South Africa. Nelson Mandela described apartheid as ‘a poison that bred moral decay in all areas’ and it was this poison that he spoke of which dominated South African society from 1948 to the early 1990’s. Apartheid was implemented by an Afrikaner government in 1948 named the Nationalist Party under the leadership of DF Malan. Afrikaans ideology was that they were to unite all Afrikaners to withstand both the English and Africans on behalf of the Volk. Their ideology was linked with ideas of racial superiority which was the blueprint of apartheid. Apartheid was therefore a way for Afrikaners to become the superior race in South Africa and to create what was promised at the Great Trek which represented their truth over both the British and the Africans. The term apartheid was first used by the Afrikaans newspaper Die Burger when the ‘viewpoint of apartheid’ was accepted by the Afrikaner people. From an historical viewpoint Afrikaners believed that apartheid would allow them to achieve control of South Africa. However, from the 1940’s there were many other factors that led to the rise of Afrikaner nationalism which in turn led to the forceful implementation of apartheid and this essay will discuss these factors. This essay will also assess how the apartheid regime was implemented which was through legislation.

(i) Rise of Afrikaner nationalism and…

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