Anxiety Disorders As A Subgroup Of Mental Disorders Essay

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Anxiety disorders are a subgroup of mental disorders that are characterized by the general state of dread that one will feel in the response of the absence of danger. In the east, anxiety disorder rates are being documented as being between nine and sixteen percent. However, in the United States of America, the occurrence of anxiety disorders is roughly twenty-nine percent and approximately nineteen million of the American population have been diagnosed with this condition annually. Anxiety disorders represent the most rampant psychiatric condition in the United States. Children, too, can experience anxiety disorders. Prior to the age of majority, eighteen, between ten and twenty percent of children will develop an anxiety disorder, thus causing anxiety disorders to become the most common mental health issue in minors.
Anxiety disorders are far harder to identify in children under the age of majority than the adults experiencing the same symptoms. Children with an anxiety disorder are often misdiagnosed, and confused with physical problems because children construe their emotions physically. Children who are deemed “gifted” tend to be found with an anxiety disorder diagnosis more than the “non-gifted” children. Children with anxiety tend to develop fears of going to school and not being graded well enough in their classes and exams, they have a fear of being separated from those they love for a prolonged period, whether it be vacation or death, and a fear of social…

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