Anxiety Disorder And Social Anxiety Disorders Essay

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Have you ever been so overwhelmed and frustrated that you didn’t know what to do with yourself? Has your mind ever been all over and you couldn’t focus on what you were doing? Do you panic about the unknown or things out of your control? At least 22.8% of Americans struggle with these qualms on a daily basis (NIMH, n.d.). These are indications of Anxiety.
Anxiety is one of the most common disorders in America and has an average age-onset of 11 years old (NIMH, n.d.). There are multiple types of anxiety that exist and can potentially affect anyone at different levels. To name a few: Social anxiety disorder, which is a disorder that causes people to be extremely overwhelmed in crowded places, and become self-conscious about themselves in social settings; Separation anxiety disorder, more common in young children, is an anxiety based around the child’s developmental level and their fear of separation from a parental figure; Agoraphobia, a type of anxiety that causes people to avoid settings where they may become stressed out, scared, helpless, or any place where they feel they may panic (MayoClinic, 2016). These examples of anxiety provide a little more insight on the reality of this condition and hopefully provide a more realistic meaning of how serious anxiety truly is. Could you imagine being a part of the 22.8% that has to either self-control or take medication to be able to handle everyday life? Or if you do deal with this, just know you aren’t alone; I myself live with…

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