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ANTSY DOES TIME by Neil Shusterman 1. Antsy does Time, like Unwind, has a death theme. Unlike the characters of Unwind where they are being put to death, Antsy Does Time explores the prospect of death. From the beginning where there is the accidental death of the balloon handler, to the near death of Antsy’s father from a heart attack and the “prospective” death of Gunnar the reader highlights the different reaction of each case. 2. Antsy is my favorite character as he seems very mature for his age and is a loyal friend. He is very connected to his family and tried to do something important for a person he thought was dying. 3. The main conflict in the story is that Antsy’s friend Gunnar has a terminal illness and is …show more content…

Book Review
After witnessing a runaway balloon handler falling off the Empire State building, 14 year old Antsy Bonano finds out that one of his school friends has only 6 months to live. Faced with the prospect of his friend Gunnar’s, death Antsy decides to do something for him and donates a month of his to him.
As time goes by many of the kids at Antsy’s school decide to donate their time too and in no time they have had donations adding up to nearly 48 years. The story follows Antsy and Gunnar and as their friendship develops Antsy becomes friendly with Kjersten, Gunnar’s sister.
While doing a school project Antsy finds out that Gunnar’s illness is not actually real and does not know what to do as he has been successful in getting so many people to donate months of their lives to Gunnar’s cause. During a speech at school Antsy witnesses his own father’s heart attack which puts both life and death into prospective for him. He realizes that Gunnar made up his illness due to all the family problems that were going on and he only wanted to take attention away from the bad things happening in his life.
An additional story line in the book is with Lexie, a previous girlfriend who happens to be the granddaughter of his father’s business partner – Mr. Crawley – and she is also blind. Antsy and Lexie have a strong bond and get involved in exciting escapades with Crawley. Whilst he comes across as

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