Antigone, By Sophocles, The New King, Creon And His Son Essay

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Everyone has family problems at one time or another, yet there 's one certain royal family that has the worst problems of them all. In the Greek tragedy called Antigone , written by Sophocles, the new king , Creon and his son, Haemon are in a conflict over how to rule the kingdom. More specifically , they 're fighting what to do with Antigone who defied her uncle, the king, and buried her brother against the law. Creon resents Antigone for disobeying his law and going against him,however on the other hand Haemon believes she should be loved and honored for doing what she believed was right. During this dramatic fight, Haemon brings out Creon 's rage, hunger for power and ignorance. Yet in the end, Haemon helps Creon become a tragic hero. Motivations can be tricky things sometimes, motivations make us who we are. After all thoughts lead to actions right? So it 's obvious to see Creon 's harsh motivation to hurt and punish Antigone. As he treats her roughly, insisting she dies worst way possible in lines 884-893 as he describes how she 'd die in the cave with nothing. With a complete different view there 's Haemon who actually wishes to honor her and love her instead. This is just the beginning of the major foil the father and son have. This is very important though because this foil between the two, the conflicting motivations, push the plot along. If the two agreed on everything there 'd be no love story ,no roller coaster of emotions. Instead , the story…

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