Anti Semitism During The 19th Century Essay

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Anti-Semitism has been an influence in the way the Jews have been treated since the beginning of the modern era, with many societies discriminating against the race as a whole incredible harshly. The prejudice towards the Jews in the 11th century onwards has been used as a political and social tool for government bodies from many countries. This idea is exemplified through the Blood Libel which occurred during this time frame, with events such as the first accusation, treatment of the Jews there after, and the long lasting effects of the Libel.
The first accusation occurred during the early 11th century and began in England with the murder of William of Norwich (Poliakov, The History of Anti-Semetism Volume 1, 1955). Although there was history of the Talmud, a Jewish religious text, giving indications that Christians can be killed without recourse as long as they offer a sacrifice to G-d (Pranaĭtīs, 1892), it is believed by experts, mainly Leon Poliakov that, “There was no longer any way to extricate themselves from the crisis. ” This quote shows that even though the Jews were able to testify against their accusers, they had already been convicted in the eyes of the people. The people of Norwich had been influenced heavily by the local monk, Thomas of Monmouth, who was a heavy believer in the Blood Libel’s and believed William to be a saint. Gillian Bennett, a historian specialising in folklore, finds that Thomas’ biography of William of Norwich was extremely…

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