Anthropology Is The Education Of Humans Essay

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Anthropology is the education of humans. Through the study of anthropology, our goal is to better understand human culture and the evolutionary aspects of human biology. Within the training of anthropology, there are four major subfields. These subfields are: Linguistic Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, and Physical (Biological) Anthropology. This paper will be informing us on these four subfields of anthropology so that we may have a healthier understanding of each one. The primary subfield we will tackle is “Linguistic Anthropology.” Linguistic Anthropology is the study of linguistic discrepancies through time and space and interrelations between language and culture. More or less, linguistic anthropologists also make inferences about universal features of language, this is perhaps linked to uniformities in the human brain. Others reenact ancient languages by comparing their contemporary descendants and in doing so make discoveries about history. Linguistic anthropologists ascertain speech patterns within different cultures. During the course of time, linguistic anthropologists have been able to deem that speech pattern change. The way civilizations spoke in the 1500s, we do not perceive that anymore. As period changes, so do speech patterns. One may possibly also notice that if one travels to a different part of the country, such as Texas or certain areas in the south, that they have a different speech pattern from someone who lives in New York. If a…

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