Essay on Anthropology : Cultural Anthropology And Anthropology

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Anthropology is the study of people throughout the world, their evolutionary history, how they behave, adapt to different environments, communicate and socialize with one another. Anthropology is something that plays an important role in everyone’s life and it is divided into four distinct sub-fields: cultural anthropology (social anthropology), biological (physical) anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology (What Is Anthropology 1). Anthropologists do many things and use many tools, methods, and approaches. They also play an important role in society and anthropologists help us understand a lot of things in the world we live in today. Anthropologists do many things for many reasons and they go out of their way to see a lot of things. Cultural anthropologists study the ways that humans behave within a group setting. They study and research about the culture, language, relationships, and rituals people develop(1). What a better way to do this than to spend their time within their cultures as an observer. They observe every little thing they do and sometimes they are not a participant of it, but they watch what happens to be going on. Anthropologists study the traditions, language, customs and art of societies in the past and present. They do this to learn how humanity has developed over time and they want to know how and why things happen. Some anthropologists work around the globe in foreign lands and work in practically every environment, but others study…

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