Anthropology : Biological And Cultural Perspective Essay example

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I. Anthropology Subfields
In its most basic definition, anthropology is the study of humans combining a biological and cultural perspective (MindEdge 1.05). Due to the complexity of humankind, anthropology can be broken down into four sub-fields; cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, archaeology, and biological/physical anthropology. Cultural anthropology is the study of how humans lived, and how their culture was handed down from generation to generation. Cultural anthropologists study a cultural society’s beliefs, ideals, artistic expression, and patterns of behavior. Basically, they study a culture through the humanities. Linguistic anthropology is the study of the structure of language and how it affects or functions in a society. Archaeology is the study of material artifacts left behind by a society. Archaeologists focus on the material possessions of a given culture including; technology used, jewelry worn, and physical documentation that explains when language was first introduced to a culture. Biological/physical archaeology is the study of human evolution. This subfield of archaeology might focus on skeletal remains to explain genetics, child growth, the health of ancestors, types of disease a given culture may have had to contend with, population patterns, and human adaptation. Biological anthropologists often reconstruct human remains to decide how the person, or culture lived and died. I find cultural anthropology to be the most interesting field of…

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