Anthropology And Its Four Subfields Essay

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Anthropology and its Four Subfields
Anthropology “is the study of the human species and its immediate ancestors” (Kottak 5). It is comparative and holistic, which indicates that anthropology studies human diversity in time and space (Kottak 4). This is done in order to understand the human condition (Kottak 4). According to Kottak, the human condition includes, “past, present, and future; biology, society, language, and culture” (Kottak 5). Anthropology helps to compare one society to the other to deepen our perspectives or understandings of that culture as it relates to other cultures studied (Kottak 5). Anthropology helps to further understand, on one hand, what is shared between societies, and on the other hand, what is a distinct culture with unique cultural traditions of that society (Kottak 5). It observes cultures and how cultural traditions play a role in the human condition through the process of enculturation (Kottak 5). Anthropology does not just focus on the present it also ponders about the past by the examination of bones and tools that have helped to bring light to the human existence (Kottak 5). This human existence that had anthropologist study human adaptation, variation, and change and discovering that “humans also habitually rely on cultural means of adaptation” (Kottak 5), and that “organisms cope with environmental forces and stresses by adapting to their changing environment (Kottak 5). On a similar note, anthropology includes four subfields that play…

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