Anorexia Nervosa Affects Women Majority Of The Time Essay

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For the most part, Anorexia Nervosa affects women majority of the time, but it can also affect males (OWH, 2012). Researchers also indicate that more than ten million males will suffer from anorexia in their lifetime (National Eating Disorder Association [NEDA], 2015a). In addition, there is a gender difference between most patients with anorexia; females tend to place an excessive focus on food control, while males tend to focus more on excessive exercise and muscle gain (Mozes, 2014).
Frequently, Anorexia Nervosa is commonly seen among middle-class people and very high achievers (Cleveland Clinic, 2012). Usually, patients who are anorexic perform well in school, sports, work, and other activities (Cleveland Clinic, 2012). Teens who want to become models and dancers, or any future occupation where appearance is important, may look restrict calorie intake to maintain weight. (Cleveland Clinic, 2012). Furthermore, there is not much established research on race breakdown with Anorexia Nervosa (OWH, 2012) Past researchers proclaimed that women of color were shielded from eating disorders due to their cultures, in which, tends to be more accepting of different body sizes (OWH, 2012). Due to the historically biased view that eating disorders only affect white women, exact statistics and studies investigating blacks, Hispanics and other ethnic minority groups are low (NEDA, 2015b).
Although there is no single known cause of anorexia, researchers have evaluated key…

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