Anorexia Nervos Eating Disorder Essay

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Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where a male or female, with 85-95% being females, starve themselves and lose a significant amount of weight (Anorexia nervosa fact sheet |, 2012). They will usually have an extremely low body weight, and have a distorted view of their body. A person with anorexia is obsessed with food, and limits their intake. It is more than an issue with food. Most anorexics have anxiety and depression and want/need a way to feel “normal”. By being able to limit their intake, they get relief by knowing they have control. They may binge and purge, use laxatives, and restrict food to lose weight. While a person with bulimia nervosa binge and purge, a person who vomits and is anorexic is usually well under weight. A bulimic person is usually normal weight even though they binge and purge (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016). While only .5 to 1% of the female population is diagnosed with anorexia, one in five of the deaths when anorexia is diagnosed occur due to suicide (DeNoon, 2011). The underlying causes of anorexia nervosa are environmental and genetics. It is important to try and understand how genetics can predispose a person to anorexia, and see how that information can be used to help inform/treat potential suffers.
Fundamental issues One major issue with anorexia is treatment. Because anorexia is so complex, and the patient usually has many other mental health issues, treatment is difficult. The anorexia cannot be treated by itself,…

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