Anna Marie Duke : The Miracle Worker Essay

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Anna Marie Duke is also known as Patty Duke who is one of all-time greatest and talented actresses in the world. She has been featured in many classic movies such as “The Miracle Worker”, “A Killer among Friends”, and even her own TV show “The Patty Duke Show. She has featured in over seventy-two movies throughout her acting career. Being an actress is not as easy and fun as some people think. Featuring in movies and TV shows is hard work and takes a lot of dedication. Patty Duke started acting at the age of six years old. Growing up at such a young age took a big toll on her physically and mentally. Anna Marie Duke had a rough childhood. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother was diagnosed with clinical depression, which caused her to be extremely violent. Talent managers John and Ethel Ross saw the talent that Patty Duke had and immediately wanted to work with her. A few years later, after she featured as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker, The Ross’s spoke to Patty’s mother and asked to have full custody of her and her acting career. Her mother was perfectly fine with this because she felt she could not give patty duke what John and Ethel could. Duke soon after moved in with her managers. She felt extremely deceived and depressed because the most important person in her like which was her mother gave her up. She resented her mother for many years because of the decision. The talented actress’s original name was Anna Marie Duke. Her managers changed her name to…

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