Ancient Greece And Rome 's Principles Of Democracy Essay

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Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations lasted for a long time, both with their own perceptions of government. The Athenians were the first to develop the concept of democracy, then followed by the Romans. Many western civilizations origins are traced back to ancient Greek and Roman contributions of their political systems, especially the U.S. All three of them followed the principles democracy, checks and balances, and rule of law. Ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and the U.S. used these principles differently each with their own distinct methods. The principle, democracy, used by the U.S. today, was modeled by Greece and Rome’s principles of democracy. Democracy is a form of a government, that is ruled by the people. In ancient Greece, the Athens practiced direct democracy, a form of democracy in which the citizens participated in all of the political activities. Citizens of Athens, all free adult men born in Athens, would vote to show their part in the government. As shown in “Athenian Democracy In Action”, the Assembly was made up of citizens of Athens. This shows that they had a direct democracy, because the assembly discussed and voted on all important matters of the state, including declaring war and appropriating money. In ancient Rome, the government was a republic, which was a representative democracy. Representative democracy is the government where the people elect officials to speak for themselves. The “Roman Empire, A.D. 117” , displays a map of the Roman…

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