Ancient Greece : A Revolutionary Development Of The Ancient Greek Society

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Democracy was a revolutionary development of the Ancient Greek society; it was an innovative idea which gave the citizens of Ancient Greece the freedom to participate in the governmental system and contribute in the processes and decisions, this in turn helped Ancient Greece succeed politically and economically. This democratic society, not only helped Greece succeed in the Mediterranean region, but also influenced modern day society in relation to our democratic system. The Ancient Greeks succeeded significantly and were highly advanced for this period, the progressive thoughts and ideas demonstrated by individuals in this society contributed to the development of democracy in Athens which has become one of the most beneficial forms of government created.

The Ancient Greeks were an extremely advanced society during the fifth and fourth centuries (Cartledge, 2011) that implemented a range of governmental systems. These systems excluded the whole citizen body of Ancient Greece and favoured the upper classes this triggered conflict amongst the two which in turn led to the creation of democracy. There were three major forms of government employed in Ancient Greece, these are monarchy, tyranny and oligarchy (Ancient Athens, 2010). Tyranny was put in place in Ancient Greece during times of unrest. This government did not have the same connotation as it does today to the Ancient Greeks a tyrant was simply someone who did not rule by bloodlines this was important to (Ancient…

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