Ancient Egyptian Sculpture, A Form Of Visual Art

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Sculpture is a form of visual art that has been used throughout human history. It involves the process of taking items, and constructing a three dimensional form. People have been applying this form of art when they wanted to praise their gods, leaders, or heroes. Also when they wanted to display their feelings and desires into their work. Some artists even stick items together randomly just to see what the outcome would look like.
Woodcarving is a form of art that is cheap, and easily available. However it won’t last as long as stone and metal due to its defenselessness against water, bugs, and fungi, so it is mainly used for indoor use. The advantage of using it, though, is that it is easy to carve than stone. Africans have used wood to
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They displayed the life of Egyptians. They used clay, wood, metal, ivory and stone for their sculptures. The characteristics of their sculptures are that it’s cubic and frontal. According to the passage, “It nearly always echoes in its form the shape of the stone cube or block from which it was fashioned…” (Ancient Egyptian Art, Painting, Sculpture) Also, the human or animal always faces to the front. You’ll never see a contrapposto Ancient Egyptian sculpture. Their use of symbolism is shown in different ways including the colors. For example, yellow symbolized the sun god and red was for power. Their religious practices included making a sculpture of a dead person because they believed it will take them to the new world. When a pharaoh died, they built his “guards” which would protect him. Egyptians made many temples in honor of their many gods. They also made statues of their gods and placed food by their feet to worship …show more content…
The ancient one has realism and a lot of detail. For example, the hair has curls, you can see the muscles on the chest and arms, and the faces are so realistic, you can see the emotions of the human forms. However, the bronze modern sculpture doesn’t have any detail on it at all. No face, muscles, or fingers. While the ancient sculpture shows figures in poises that are possible for a human to be in, the bronze sculpture has an exaggerated poise. A human couldn’t be able to stand like that because we are not that flexible. However, there are a few similarities. They both clearly show a human form, and the bodies aren’t stiff and straight like ancient Egyptian sculptures; they show

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