Ancient Egypt And Ancient Mesopotamia Essay

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Ancient Egypt and ancient Mesopotamia are both examples of cultures that performed sexual acts as a form of worship. The intent for the utilization of these sexual encounters was to mimic events from their cultural myths to ensure the continuity of that event. This mimicry can be categorized as a form of sympathetic magic, or a type of magic predicated on the belief that an event can be affected through an object or act symbolizing it. For ancient Egyptians the purpose of these acts was to ensure the coming of the each day and for ancient Mesopotamians it was to ensure the coming of the next harvest.
A creation myth originating from Heliopolis in ancient Egypt dictates the world being created by the god Atum, “Atum “the complete one” rising up out of the primeval watery chaos and producing the world” (Sproul, 80). On the first day Atum stood in the horizon on the first hillock of land upon the waters of the Nile. As the sole entity in this early world, Atum masturbated and ejaculated into his mouth; his mouth, acting as a womb, incubated his semen and allowed him to spit out Shu, god of air, and Tefnut, goddess of moisture. Atum wept with joy over the creation Shu and Tefnut and in these tears man and woman were created, “a splurge of creativity ensured. Men and women had already been made from Neb-er-tcher’s (Atum’s) tears, and now he came forth in the forms of plants and animals” (Sproul, 80). It is in the actions Atum underwent on this first day, masturbating and crying…

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