Ancient Civilizations Like Egypt And Mesopotamia Essay example

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When looking back to ancient civilizations like Egypt and Mesopotamia, one can learn many interesting things about how each ruled their kingdoms. Many creations from each survive today and are considered part of the world’s wonders. This makes their monarchy’s worth close study to compare how each were able to create such wondrous structures, art and governments within their diverse geographies. While comparing and contrasting Egyptian pharaohs with Mesopotamian kings, one can see how both their distinctive geographies and art forms affected their attitude while strengthen their positions.
Firstly, when one compares and contrasts the two rulers, one sees they held similar, yet different positions in their time. Pharaohs, the first being King Narmer, were thought to represent their gods, specifically, they brought the sun god Amon’s will to earth. They were revered in likeness to the gods to the point of using the same words in hymns for both. For the people of Egypt, the word of the pharaoh was law, which they never recorded, but was passed down orally. Similarly, Mesopotamian kings like Hammurabi were thought to be descended from the gods, just like Egypt the sun god, who they called Shamash was their chief deity. However, unlike the pharaohs, Hammurabi established the first recorded law called Hammurabi’s Code, which set them apart from Egypt. Their positions were similar, both claimed descents from gods, but the main differences were in how they executed their laws,…

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