Essay on Analytical Report Italians

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Italian’s, by nature, are very talkative. Emotions are expressed openly and reserving them can sometimes be misinterpreted as disinterest. It should not be surprising to notice that Italians generally interrupt one another during important business meetings, as this tends to be a very common means of communication in an Italian business setting. It is even common for them to outwardly and openly disagree with the message. If you are passionate about a business idea, it is good practice to express your emotions on the subject. Italian people also value a direct and straightforward communication style during a business transaction, so be candid when discussing business matters and your Italian counterpart will respect you for it. …show more content…
Building these relationships will require that you know something about the Italian culture, so knowing a few things that are acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics will aid you in gaining that trust. Refrain from talking about such things as religion, politics, and negative Italian stereotypes. Instead, converse about Italian architecture, sports, especially soccer, Italian food and wine, and Italian landscape. Knowing some current events could also lead to a great conversation. For Italian’s the connection in a relationship is involved in every decision made, and knowing about these connections and finding a way to utilize them is crucial to a successful foreign business relationship.
Although there are many women in the Italian workforce, the number of them holding positions of authority is minute. Women holding such positions tend to be in a more family-owned business, but Italy is slowly progressing to a more female managed work environment. Thankfully though, female managers from abroad will always be treated respectfully and courteously.
Specific gestures to avoid using are generally known throughout the world. These include the “finger”, and the “forearm jerk.” The chin flick, which involved brushing your fingers underneath your chin in an outward motion that signals “get lost, you are annoying me,” is also one to avoid. Italian

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