Analytical Essay: The Diffusion Of Satanism

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I chose to do my report on Satanism because I was already familiar with the topic since I just had a test on this topic. I discuss three main points where Satanism does began, the diffusion of Satanism, and what age group partakes in this.
Satanism began to spread in Italy the old age pact with the devil was an idea that was invented by Christianity an idea that was used to justify its purge of the old religions while many of the old religions and traditions are being revived belief in the devil also forms the basis of just one tradition which is Satanism. However, Satanism today bears little resemblance to the supposed devil worshiping beliefs that are used historically against witchcraft despite the rumors of the satanic crimes which is rare
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Isolation from their peers is one reason. Drug and alcohol abuse plays another role. As the “priest” of their group, they feel in charge and respected, filling a void that they have always had. Many are attracted for easy sex. Another reason is because it is becoming more popular than ever. The individuals are usually ones with extremely poor self-esteem. He is often hanging on the fringes at school, not really accepted by the in crowd. He most likely feels that he is unimportant, unloved and tries to find a way to “fit in.” His Satanic exposure often begins with heavy metal music with lyrics that openly accept Satan. Most often, he is into drugs, defiance and had no respect for authority figures. They do not tend to follow the strict rules of Satanism. Many of their rituals are made up and they incorporate their own desires into their belief systems. Most follow unorganized guidelines. If it feels good, they do it. Most of these teen individuals consist in males because of the dominance a male has. When males seems to be left out or want something really bad he tends to become angry and almost desperate to get what he wants. So overtime he will tend to do evil things to make himself know or to get

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