Essay on Analysis : ' Route 66 '

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Many photographers represent urban photography as a way of visually displaying issues in their society. Ernst Hass does this through his photographs of the streets in New York, Chicago and Conoco. Through his photographs, he highlights both positives and negatives of different places and societies. Further, Hass uses composition, lighting, mood, and camera techniques to create visually spectacular image. In these photographs, Hass also captures urban life, social, cultural issues and rhythm.

Haas’ visually compelling photograph, ‘Route 66’ is created through the combination of several photographic techniques and elements. The photograph gives the viewer an image of a busy street of Conoco, commenting on the endless, almost symmetric street signs for various businesses along the road. When first looking at the photograph, the viewers eyes are drawn from the foreground of the photo to the horizon line; taking the viewer on a journey through the street and down the road of the Conoco street. Once the eye has reached the horizon, it temporarily rests, gazing into the unknown. Further, this passage places the viewer into the scene, helping to provide a sensation of being there at the time. This feeling is created and emphasised by the perspective of the photo as it looks as if it has been taken from the inside of a car. The photographer also uses the rule of thirds in this photo. While Haas has used a fairly closed aperture, to ensure that the majority of the image is sharp,…

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