Analysis Of ' Wuthering Heights ' Essay

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Whenever someone tries to forget or bury a past event, it often comes back to affect them because nothing ever truly stays buried, or forgotten, it can and does becomes relevant in present or future times. Most times these events affect both the future and present activities in positive ways, but in some cases negative ways; many novels such as Wuthering Heights, use their characters to show how these events, especially the negative ones, can affect a character’s, values, relationships to others, and even give to its meaning of the work. One of the central meanings in Wuthering Heights is revenge which is portrayed by the novel’s main character Heathcliff; his desire for revenge is an offshoot of both his physical abuse as both a child, and teen at the hands of Hindley, one of the other characters in the novel. This burning desire for revenge within Heathcliff has consumed him with hatred for everyone within the novel, even his most beloved Catherine who betrayed him, and the white-hot hatred that stems from this connects Heathcliff with his past and helps to push one of the most central meanings of the novel, which is revenge and hatred, win out against love and kindness especially in the case of Heathcliff. Heathcliff in the novel is shown to be a villainous, almost superhuman man, untouchable even, but he was not always this evil figure, until certain past events lead up to it. For instance, as a child Heathcliff was a lonely gypsy orphan who lived on the…

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