Essay on Analysis Of Willy 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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At age sixty-three, Willy has been a traveling salesman all his life. Despite his hard work and demanding schedule, the Lomans have always lived on the edge of poverty. Willy has always been an inferior in his company despite all the years he has committed himself to the company. Yet Willy constantly tells himself and his family that the "big break" he deserves is just around the corner. He has raised his two sons, Biff and Happy, to also believe that somehow life has cheated them and insists that one day they will get their due (Overview). Linda, Willy 's obedient wife, lives under the thin layer of denial that her husband has so long tried to keep from collapsing. Linda tries to share in Willy’s ideals and suffers great torment as she observes Willy’s decline knowing that she is unable to help Willy or her family. She fails to understand what happens to Willy and fails to believe what has occurred between him and Biff, but still manages to retain a belief in the need to treat human beings properly. Linda is a loyal and a supportive wife and mother. Her anger stems from her beliefs in the Loman family and memories of her happy time in the past. She is a woman struggling to come to terms with her city, her husband, and her sons. In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman is a man that has self-deception paired with misguided life goals. A salesman for all of his career, Willy thinks the goal of life is to be well liked and gain material success, and therefore…

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