Analysis Of ' Willy ' And ' The Beginning Of The Flashback ' Essay

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At the beginning of the flashback, Willy is shown as talking to young Biff and Happy, and representing a more stereotypical parent than he appears in the present time scenes of the play. He is full of guidance, providing knowledge to his children, as a typical parent would, saying "Just wanna be careful with those girls Biff" which also shows a protective side to him. He also says "You want to watch your schooling first", as he knows what is better for his children, and looks out for them. This could also represent a calmer side to Willy, as he is not frustrated by his children, and instead calmly provides advice, allowing the audience to wonder why he has changed so much. However, some of his personality appears to be similar, as his mercurial nature is seen, as he becomes encouraging of Biff as he learns more about him, saying "The girls pay for you?" showing he is pleased about how popular his son is, and no longer cares about how much he focusses on his education. Here, he almost appears to be encouraging Biff to focus on the girls instead of his work, which contradicts what he was saying just before, and how he has difficulty prioritizing his ideas.

We also see further contrasts with the present day scenes of the play, as Willy is proud of Biff, and wants him to guide Happy, like a stereotypical big brother. "Show him how to do it Biff", implies that Willy has different expectations of the two brothers, and that Biff should set an example for Happy on how to act. Biff…

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