Analysis Of Wilfred Owen's Anthem For Doomed Youth

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In today 's society, some adults have said at some point, “your generation won 't be famous for anything, because your generation is lazy.” Although it 's true that we 're lazy due to many technological inventions, some of us might do great things in the future. Before people in my generation start to make a name for ourselves, we will always deal with this problem. People have always faced being compared to others, whether good or bad. There are situations that can change a person 's opinion on the future. Wilfred Owen had a situation that showed how the youth are doomed, while he served in World War I. Wilfred Owen saw the true horrors of war, and he felt a particular way for the soldiers involved in the war. Owen later wrote a poem titled, Anthem for Doomed Youth, on these feelings. Wilfred Owen uses word choice, imagery, and rhythm, along with his own experiences, to emphasis how war destroys the servicemen. Wilfred Owen chooses specific words to demonstrate the horrors of war, in the poem. Although one might not understand why he choose the words, after further detail, the word choices become really significant. Words are important in explaining your views, and Owen used these word changes effectively, …show more content…
Owen used the poem to show that war is deadly, and quietly believed that warfare should be stopped. Owen saw many haunting experiences, while he was in the war. Owen does not want families to experience these emotional effects, because he knows from experience that most of the soldiers are doomed. He knows that the soldiers are bound to die, and wants the war to end before most (or all) of the youth are dead. Owen was an advocate for the wars’ end, but he never got to see the end. Owen would have been glad, to see that some soldiers survived the war. After the end of the war, the youth were no longer doomed. The youth were free from warfare, and being in dangerous

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