Analysis Of Watch On The Rhine

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World war II is long gone, but not forgotten. It brought destruction, and it gave evil a face and a name. Hitler was seen as an anti-Crist trough out the world. It was not surprise, since in his ambition for power he left destruction and death as a reminder that he once lived in the same planet as we do. He had great success accomplishing every single goal he wished for; but at the end Hitler’s struggled for power became a reality once more. as for we all know that time forgives no one, and what is born will one day be destroyed.

In January 1942 Hitler once said, “This war can end two ways, Either the extermination of the of the Arya people or the disappearance of Jewry from Europe.” Hitler was extremely angered by the Jewish,
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Basically Watch the Rhine is a plan were some Germans that speak English will infiltrate the Allied army by using their uniform, once infiltrated they will spread false rumors, they will capture vital bridges, and kill American caught by surprise. The most important rumor that is supposed to cause fear and distraction in the highest levels of the Allied leadership: that Skorzeny is on route to Paris to kidnap General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Everything is easier said than done. The biggest problem for Hitler’s plan is that the Americans got hold of the information, in consequence of a mistake made by someone in the high command that circulated a notice that had as a title “Secret Commando operations.” Skorzeny told Hitler what had happened, but Hitler told him to follow up the plan even if the Allied forces knew. Skorzeny had a group of soldiers isolated from the rest of the Nazi army, these soldiers where in camps were they had American soldier. They would talk to them to improve their pronunciation; this was an essential move to make Watch on the Rhine work. Since operation Watch on the Rhine, Hitler started to direct the battle from a secret fortress (Adlernhort). At this point it’s said that Hitler health condition had deteriorated. His right hand can barely pick up his spoon, while the left hand is even worse. He can’t stop the shaking of it. Every single day he has to use these cocaine eye drops in order for him to function correctly. These symptoms started to get worse since the plot to assassin Hitler stroke. In December 24, 1944; operation Watch on the Rhine was being a success. The Nazi’s that were spreading the false rumors were seeing a lot of success. They had cause the spread of panic in the American side, but some Germans were caught in the operation. We can say this favored the Allied

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